Influence purchase decisions in store, through mobile


Influence purchase decisions in store, through mobile

Influence purchase decisions in store, through mobile.

Why on mobile devices?

68% of Mexicans has smartphones and the average time spent online is 6 hours and 11 minutes.

Hence the importance of being able to use mobile phones as a means to influence consumer choice while staying in the store.

¿To influence the purchase decision?

In order to change the purchasing decisions at the point of sale, it can be done in two ways. Using an immediate response codes (QR) and augmented reality driving interaction with customers when they are doing their shopping and link the physical experience with digital. The other through devices that allow us to know when a customer is in the store through your cell phone; through areas of presence calls or activating the Geo-location service on your computer.

The main difficulty of sending messages in the store is to identify when the client is in store. To do this, people need to interact with the brand for purchase or accept that they follow up through your phone.

The way to get them to accept change is to offer value with attractive promotions and customer value as well as free internet.

Channels for sending messages

Options for sending promotional messages directly in the store range from quick response codes (QR) and augmented reality to instant notifications for which additional infrastructure, like presence zones to learn that customers are in place is needed.

Quick Response Codes (QR)

They are like a bar-code and two-dimensional but they can store 100 times more information.[1] Helps Integrate the physical store experience to the online store or a mobile application).[2]
Consumers prefer to use them to obtain discount coupons mainly, plus product information and exclusive content.[3] To push a particular action with a product by inviting people to scan the code to make a profit as additional discount or bonus points for loyalty program.

Augmented reality

In augmented reality camera phone is used for a layer of digital information over the physical environment. [4]
Although its implementation is incipient, it is being used to provide more views or see product demonstrations, additional information in real time, access to promotions and interaction with social networks.
It applies best way to specialized and electronic, cell phones, computers or furniture products. Where the user requires more data to make its decision.

Presence Zones

Using presence zones, which are devices that have the ability to detect cell phones in the vicinity or the geo-location of equipment of consumers, let us send messages to consumers through:

Push Notifications

These run through a mobile application installed on the phone. 52% of people activate notifications on their phones.[5]

Works best sending information about the benefits the products being bought.
Messages that have better performance in this environment are to drive incremental purchases, promotions and particularly specific categories of consumer products.

 Message’s content

Beyond having the technology that makes it possible to send messages at any time and for any device, today the challenge is to get people to read it and get involved with it.

The best practice is to keep it simple, no more than 10 words and that encourages the buyer to perform a specific action that will be available for only a limited time.


We must make use of all available channels to improve the response to messages. Care should be taken with each contact to not repeat the same in all media. You have to combine and leverage the benefits of each to provide customers a better shopping experience.

The promotional tactics also play an important role in the message to send. To generate reaction consumer tactics must be appropriate and avoid cannibalizing the rest of the products.

The key is to take advantage of buyers who are in the store and get them the right information at the right time to invite them to modify their purchasing decision, to generate additional traffic to the store, drive consumers to make incremental purchases and ultimately to be loyal to the brand.

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