Is Marketing Mobile?



Is Marketing Mobile?

Why mobile?

  • Digital media spending in the US will grow from $42.3 billion in 2013 to 61.4 in 2017
  • The average person sees his cell phone 150 times a day
  • There are more mobile phones on the planet than televisions
  • 65% of marketing execs plan to spend more on marketing technology in the coming year
  • There are more people with mobile phone than with bank accounts and credit cards
  • We spent on average 5 hours and 30 minutes
  • Mobile ads will growing by 77% in 2013, 56% in 2014 and 48% in 2015.

In 2015 the global shipments of tablets will eclipse personal computers.

Campaigns on mobile devices

Digital channels through which we communicate with customers are varied and each has a particular strategy should be complemented with others to increase their effectiveness.

Communication Channels

What follows is a description of each media on mobile devices:

Email: This remains the primary means of contact with customers. For inexpensive and very wide and yields a higher return on investment compared to other channels plus you can track your results.

  • 80% of people read the mails on mobile devices
  • The average person takes 90 minutes to respond mail
  • It is the preferred means of contact for all ages for promotional messages with 77%

Social Networks: Advertising on social networks is overrated, all companies want to be in social networks, but most focus only on vanity metrics (number of followers, I like, re-publications, visits) rather than actual sales induced social networks.

  • 71% of Twitter posts are ignored. Only 23% generates a response
  • 88% of Facebook posts are not read
  • With changes in the algorithm Facebook, companies are looking to decrease their interactions

The Quick Response (QR) codes serve to integrate the physical store experience to the online store.

Its main aim is to invite customers to know and use a mobile application and offer coupons and offers.

  • The response is immediate once the code is read
  • Can be tracked
  • Create and place a QR code is free

SMS. Although it seems a technology that is in the process of disappearing, there are 4,000 million cell phones in the world that can receive text messages.

  • 98% of text messages are read
  • Text messages are read on average at 5 secs to be received
  • The average response time is 90 sec for an SMS

Instant notifications allow an application to send a message to the user without need for it to open the application. There are more than 2.6 million applications from iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows, and more than half of users activate notifications in your Apps.

  • With notifications in the application you have a 3-fold increase retention and application opens by 80%

For a campaign to be effective, it must be:

  • Relevant, protruding from the massive amount of information provided to
  • Maximizing available resources,to do more with
  • Get your target (usually increase sales)
  • Measurable

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